The Purpose

As we all go through the journey of life, we come across many questions- big and small that we seek answer to. We seek the ability to distinguish right from wrong. Our heart and mind are often not in sync and that leaves us confused. Very confused. We turn to God many times for our rescue- he doesn’t obviously answer. We seek refuge in religion after that- we are told to follow what is in the best interest of the society- not us. That leaves us more often either feeling guilty or being branded wrong. I have always found it funny and hilarious.

My attempt with this blog will be to seek answers for the simple questions of life. I hope to be able to show you that life can be simpler and void from complexity. I hope to make my readers realize the real gravity of their so called ‘problems’ in life. For I truly believe that its us who have made living so complex and it wasn’t ever designed to be such by ‘GOD’.

Love to all my readers- You would be helping me in my journey with posts about your questions and life and perhaps we can simplify it together.