Where can you find God?

There is a reason why my first blog has to be about none other than God. When I think about an answer to this question I naturally turn to religion and beliefs. We try to find our God in Churches, Mosques, Gurdwaras and Temples. That is, when we have the luxury of time. But invariably all of us, no matter what our religious beliefs are keep seeking God in our vicinity when in need or trouble. We simply resort to close our eyes(call him in our heart) and seek his/her help. And- we do find peace and solace when we do that- so is God really in our religion? Does the God we love and fear really exist in our places of worship? Do the practices associated with our religion hold water in this age – to be as strictly true as if was 100, 1000, 5000 years ago when it was formed? May be some! Surely not all. But that is a different discussion all together – we will seek an answer to it on some other day for sure.
Well to find God we have to understand the earth first and the science associated with it. The five elements that are basic to making all and everything that’s associated with creation:

  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Sky
  • Earth

All you can see around today are made of either/all of these five forces.
Equally important for all of us to first realize the sheer magnitude of the forces of Mother Nature. On a recent trip to the German Alps I had the opportunity to walk up to the foot of Mt. Watzmann. The sheer magnitude of the mountain humbled me. Made me realize how irrelevant and small humans can be. And Watzmann as mighty as it is – is not even amongst the 100 largest mountains of the world. One large tide in the sea, or a river current on an unlucky day can take our lives. Point is that it is VERY IMPORTANT for us to understand that we are just too insignificant and small in our very earth itself- in front of the forces of Earth’s nature. AND yet, we believed so convincingly that our God was a human someday. In my personal opinion its a shame to even try to confine God within any boundaries. The creator of the Universe has to be larger that the largest temples, churches, mosques we have humanly ever built.
Conclusion: He has to be beyond our Planet!

Question arises: Is he an alien then? Where does he stay? How could I even suggest that God was never in our Jesus, Rama, Krishna or Muhammad?

I will answer this in my next blog!


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